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The Divestment Process 

Meagher Energy Advisors is committed to supporting every client with our proven process–Analysis, Marketing, Presentation, Negotiation, and Closing. Your Meagher Team will draw from their industry experience in engineering, geology, land and marketing to package and present your asset to interested buyers. The team's in-depth knowledge of the A&D Market, extensive relationships with buyers and sellers,  and insider knowledge of current market trends are crucial during this process.

Our personal service throughout the process keeps you informed so you maintain control and make the important decisions.


After a pre-sale consultation with a principal of our firm, your Meagher team, in direct collaboration with the seller’s staff, will compile and analyze all data to fully understand your asset and its position in the marketplace. The team will then develop a marketing strategy which focuses on the most important characteristics of each asset, fitting your needs into the current A&D environment.


With a marketing strategy in place, your Meagher team will create a targeted list of buyers from our extensive relationships and database of buyers and sellers. Potential bidders will be invited through multiple avenues:  email to a proprietary database of A&D principals, a dedicated page on Meagher's web site, and direct contact with a short list of potential buyers. These initial communications will focus on the most valuable and unique characteristics of your asset.


All pertinent information about the asset is organized into a streamlined data package for potential buyers to evaluate the opportunity. The data and analysis we provide is a realistic expectation of established and potential value. Approved potential buyers may download this data package from our secure website, or they may request a face to face technical presentation in our Denver or Tulsa offices. A technical presentation also provides an opportunity to review documents which may not be available online. 

Your Meagher team is in continual contact with all interested parties, answering inquiries and locating additional information. The seller will be kept informed with a daily report of who is accessing the data, additional information being requested, and issues most important to prospective buyers.


Meagher Energy Advisors accepts offers through a sealed bid process. In close cooperation with the seller, Meagher will enter negotiations with a specific buyer and facilitate a Purchase and Sale Agreement.


At Meagher, we are committed to supporting our clients thoughout the entire transaction process leading to ownership being officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. Meagher will provide assistance settling any open issues, balancing and verifying closing statements and ensuring proper execution of all documents necessary to complete the transaction.

Most projects will follow a time line of approximately 120 days from receiving information about the project until closing documents are signed. 

Meagher's reputation depends on confidentiality and reliability.  All communications with clients are held in strictest confidence.  Sellers can be assured that we practice high standards of confidentiality and security for technical data which is entrusted to our care.

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