DJ Basin Operated Acquisition Opportunity

Adams & Weld Counties, Colorado

Confluence Resources is offering for sale certain operated and non-operated assets including minerals and ORRIs in core DJ Basin. A rare opportunity to acquire strong PDP cashflow with dozens of operated “drill-ready” locations and NRI’s >85% in many cases.


  • Premier leasehold and mineral position with 18 operated and 7 non-operated producing horizontals. Tier 1 well performance in multiple Niobrara benches and Codell
  • 8,400 BOE/D September net production (81% liquids) from diversified commodity mix
  • September 2022 PDP net cashflow of $15.0MM (99% from operated horizontals), NTM PDP net cashflow forecast of $102MM.
  • 3,628 net leasehold acres (~94% HBP) and 338 net royalty acres in minerals. 55% of leasehold has overriding royalties averaging 6.6%.
  • Production from 38 operated "drill-ready" locations in Weld County adds 18,900 net BOEPD and $34MM/month operating cashflow by September 2023


Please return CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT to Nick Asher at

For Questions, Please Contact:

Nick Asher, Vice President (303) 721-9781
Aaron Hugen, Director of Engineering (720) 390-6022
Chris McCarthy, Executive Vice President (303) 721-0281

Bid Date

September 15, 2022

Effective Date

September 1, 2022

Closing Date

to be determined

NOTE: A Confidentiality Agreement (“CA”) must be executed prior to receiving the data package for this listing. Once you order the package you will receive the Executive Summary along with the CA.

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